Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shower the People You Love With Love - the Welke family

Whenever my friend, Darlene talks about her children and grandchildren, her face just lights up! …which you will understand when you see their beautiful faces in the images below.  They are living in different states now, so when they can all come visit Grandma and Grandpa at the same time it’s a pretty big deal!  Getting some updated family photos for them was a bit of a challenge (how could it not be with 4 little ones under 5?), but so much fun at the same time.  Darlene also shared such lovely thoughts after seeing the photos …about how much everyone loved them, and that made the effort SO worth it.  Darlene, your family is just precious and I’m so thankful that you asked me to capture your time together.

Love this picture of you and Curt, Darlene!

You cannot possibly look at this one without smiling.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

August self-portrait – I am… a Sseko Design fan

OK, the title is a little lame and the photo shouldn’t really count as a self-portrait, but these ARE my feet.  And this IS something I’m excited about right now. 

My introduction to Sseko Designs Sseko Designs came from Mary Marantz of Justin & Mary – you can read her blog post here if you want: Justin & Mary - Every sandal has a story.

Through Sseko Designs, Liz (the founder) is empowering women in Africa by providing a means for them to pursue their dreams and overcome poverty.  I’m just so impressed by people who are so passionate about helping others less fortunate that they devote their lives to doing just that.  On top of that awesomeness, these sandals that they make are just the bee’s knees!  So if I feel a tug to support a really great cause and I can do that by buying something I really want to buy anyway, how great is that?!

The least I can do is spread the word and give you the chance to be a part of this awesome mission & fashion movement rolled into 1.  You have to check out the sandals at the website above – you’ll thank me!  I ordered 1 pair of soles and 2 different sets of straps.  They have a million ways to tie them (okay maybe not a million, but a lot) with how-to videos, and they’re just adorable. 
My 2 favorite styles so far...