Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March self-portrait: I am... a sister

Best friends, confidants, crisis managers, sounding boards, care-takers, and sometimes partners in crime. All these terms describe what my sisters and I are to each other. Incidentally, my sister Sara didn’t make the photo, but all of the above applies.
I have a memory of a night when Kris and I went to see Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid at the movie theatre (I know, I’m really dating myself with that, but lemme tell ya, back in the day seeing Robert Redford and Paul Newman on the big screen?!? Mmmm mmm). Pretty sure Kris was just old enough to drive (legally that is), so we were feeling like big stuff to be able to go by ourselves. And because Butch and Sundance made it look cool to rob banks and trains and persuade a pretty girl to go with them on their adventures, we left the movie inspired to do something wild and crazy. So what did we do??? We stuck our heads out the windows and howled at the moon!! Then we drove on the wrong side of the road!!! For probably 20 or 30 whole yards!!! Such rebels we were.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Darlene!

The family of my dear friend, Darlene, recently pulled off the best surprise party I've ever seen. Her children and grandchildren came from Illinois and California, her mother and brother also came from California, and her friends came from all over to celebrate her birthday with her - and she had NO idea any of this was going to happen. It was so much fun to see her reaction. They even planned it so she would be surprised in phases.  She first saw lots of close friends there and went around hugging everyone.

AND THEN...this is Darlene's face when her adorable grandchildren came from behind the door.  Talk about moments that take your breath away... I'm pretty sure there weren't very many dry eyes in the room at this moment.

Curt, you did a GREAT job!  What a sweet thing to do for your wife!

 Darlene's grandbabies were so cute, but they didn't really care to stop and pose for me.

The little man.  Love that face.

And this is just one of those moments that you can't get ready or set up for - you just have to snap it.  The kids did one of their impromptu dance performances for me.  I love these precious snippets of everyday life!