Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ashlee and Tylan

They grew up very close to each other; their families knew each other; the bride's aunt was the coach of the groom's mother.  With all those funny connections, they probably crossed paths a few times and didn't even know it.  But Ashlee and Tylan never met until Ashlee was in Pharmacy school at Purdue.  Since then they have each worked hard to make their individual dreams come true and they have worked hard together to make their dreams as husband and wife come true.  They even bought a house shortly before their wedding, so they're all set to begin their lives as Mr. & Mrs. Thompson!
The love and support for these two was apparent in the words spoken by their families and in the cooperative efforts to make their wedding such a special event.
Ashlee and Tylan, thank you so much for asking me to photograph your wedding.  It was a beautiful event and I was honored to be able to document your big day. I'm wishing for you a long and blessed life together!