Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pence families

You can tell at first glance of these photos that they weren't taken real recently (what I'd give to have weather like this right now!), but there's a legit reason why I'm just now posting them on my blog.  These Pence siblings and their little family units wanted to surprise their parents with some of the images from this photo shoot as a Christmas gift, so I had to wait in order to not spoil the surprise.  And it killed me to put a few of the kiddo's photos on hold - they were so cute.

Miss Kaydence and her mom - 2 pretty girls!

Brantley isn't too crazy about being hugged right now.

Those ears and that toothless smile...just makes me grin every time I look at the image on the right.

This little guy - I just wanna eat him up!

Lyndsi, Kaydence, Blake, Camery, and Brantley - thanks for another opportunity to capture these moments in the lives of your adorable families.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Baby Brantley - he's loved to pieces

I had to borrow Brantley's momma's line for the title of this post - it was so cute and so appropriate as a caption for this collage. Jess requested a collage of Brantley's adorable "parts" and here it is!

Little Brantley had a bit of a rough start to life, but is now a happy, healthy, adorable baby who is loved to pieces by his family.