Sunday, May 8, 2011

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!'s hard to find words to adequately describe what that means. Our mothers take care of us, they hurt when we hurt and their hearts smile when we're happy. They try so hard to keep us safe from harm and to help us avoid mistakes - though sometimes they see those coming and can't do anything about it. But that's part of it too - they know there are lessons we have to learn the hard way. Most important of all - they love us unconditionally. Happy Mother's Day to everyone who is a mom, or who has a mom, or had a mom! Hmmm, that pretty much covers everybody doesn't it. I hope you enjoy this very special day.  To my mom (the best in the world, by the way) - THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU!

And what better way to illustrate Mother's Day but with images of this beautiful little mother-to-be!

More of Lyndsi's maternity photos coming soon!  And I can't wait to photograph little Kaydence when she arrives!

I saw this little mama trying to lead her babies to safety yesterday.  She was "caught" in a grassy area between a busy street and a parking lot.  I watched anxiously as she considered taking them across the street, but she decided to stay in the edge of the grass closer to the parking lot.  Good choice mama goose!  Your babies are adorable.

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