Saturday, December 31, 2011


A new year will be here any minute now, and this time of year always makes one think of what will be different in the next year. The great part is that it feels like an opportunity to start fresh – even though we can actually choose to change at any given point in time, let’s use the calendar for a little extra enthusiasm and motivation!

As I read about many other photographers’ goals for the new year of building their business, attracting clients, booking more weddings, etc., I have to say my goals in that area are very different. I’m not a full-time photographer, and maybe I should be working harder toward that goal, but to be honest I kinda like my “other job”. I’ve formed some deep friendships there and really look forward to seeing my friends at work. My employer has been SO good to me through some rough times so I feel quite a bit of loyalty to him also.

Again, maybe I shouldn’t admit to this, but when I ask myself what I want to accomplish in the world of photography, it really has little to do with “building a business”. I really just want to 1) LEARN, LEARN, LEARN - about my equipment, about light, about posing people in a way that flatters them, about so many things; and 2) create beautiful photos that draw HUGE smiles from my clients and cause them to call me saying how much they REALLY LOVE their images.

My top personal goal? To take time to enjoy life – to take more walks with my dog, to go to the barn and ride my horse more often, to spend time with friends and family, to read, to recognize and reflect on all my blessings, to grow closer to God.  Y’know our circumstances shape our priorities, and my circumstances changed just a tad :) in 2010 – “the year of cancer”. In the Spring of 2010, I underwent surgery to remove a large cancerous tumor and one of my kidneys. For the remainder of that year, my focus was on getting through chemo and radiation treatments and coming out cancer free. Because I finished all treatments just a couple days shy of the end of 2010, 2011 REALLY felt like an opportunity to start fresh.

This is what the end of 2010 looked like for me.  Last year, I couldn't have posted this photo, but I guess it's far enough in the past now that I can.

And at the end of 2011...

So while it's good to set goals and dream about bigger and better things in 2012, please take time to reflect and be grateful for all the ways you LIVED in 2011. All the things you accomplished, all the love you gave and felt, all the sweetness that God has allowed you to experience.
My very sincere wishes for a happy and blessed New Year are going out to you!!

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