Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Congrats Emily!

I had the privilege of doing this photo session with Emily shortly before she graduated from nursing school at Purdue.  It's possible that I'm biased, but I believe anyone who knows Emily would agree that she is one of the sweetest girls ever.  Although we walked...and walked...and walked all over campus to get these photos, it was a fun day. 
Emily, I'm so proud of everything you've accomplished!  You're gonna do great things, girl - I know it.  Well you already have, but you know - more. Love you Pewee.

When you get to photograph someone who is this photogenic and has peachy smooth skin to boot, it makes your job a breeze.

Emily's roommate, Leslie, who also just graduated from Purdue's nursing school, joined us for some "girlfriend" pics.  Another sweetheart.  Treasure those wonderful college memories, girls.

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Gabby / En Route Photography said...

I adore the first one! Great light!