Friday, April 20, 2012

Senior photos - Erin

This was a fun photo shoot for me.  I always love going up to the farm where my grandparents used to live because I spent a lot of time there as a kid...brings back great memories.  And lucky Erin - she got to grow up there!  So we had fun picking spots around the farm to take photos.
We started, however, in the gym at Erin's high school.  She played volleyball for Belmont HS in Decatur, Indiana, and was on the team that won the Class AAA State championship in 2010!!

Then we see her softer side.

This last one makes me happy.  Besides Erin just having a beautiful face, this is my favorite kind of light...late in the day...warm sun providing a backlight.  Yes, ma'am.

Erin, you're beautiful and talented and I wish you all the best as you graduate and start a new phase of your life.  Congratulations!

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