Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kelsee and Jordan are married!

My original role at Kelsee and Jordan’s wedding was just to be a guest … one of the grandmothers.  As their date grew closer, however, Kelsee asked if I would be willing to serve as an “extra photographer” as well.   She may have thought I was just helping her out but this turned out to be a benefit to me, because when you have a couple as attractive as Kelsee & Jordan and a wedding as beautiful as theirs was, it makes for lots of beautiful photo opportunities. Being an assistant photographer was actually a role I really enjoyed.  Without the pressure of having to get the “required shots”, I felt more relaxed and free to be a little more creative with my photos than I might otherwise have been.
Kelsee and Jordan have been together for a long time and they’re a couple who just seems to fit together.  They are beautiful people, inside as well as out, and their wedding at the State House in Indianapolis was a gorgeous affair.

Love and congratulations to you, Kelsee and Jordan, and God’s blessings as you begin your life together in Texas!

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