Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mission Monday

Given the fact that I'm posting a "Mission Monday" on Tuesday is a clue that I'm behind schedule on this challenge.  Ahhh, I have trouble keeping up.  Which is actually a great segue to this week's question.  I was investigating Adobe Lightroom, the differences between that and Photoshop and whether or not I need Lightroom.  What I found is that Lightroom is geared toward organizing your photos and streamlining your work flow.  That might help me keep up with everything, you think?  The other feature that appeals to me is that you can apparently edit photos in batches, which would be a real time-saver!  For example, you took a bunch of photos in a room with funky lighting and you wanted to adjust the white balance on all of them...or you have a group of images that are slightly underexposed and you needed to brighten them all up a bit...you could make those changes to a group of photos all at once.  Yep, like that idea! 
I want to say Thank You to Gail Werner, a great photographer in Muncie, for sharing her opinion and knowledge about Lightroom.  You can check out Gail's work here http://www.gailwernerphoto.com/.
And because you really need a photo with every post (this IS a photography blog, after all)...
A lone Acacia tree - I took this photo in Kenya 2 years ago.  The clouds and the sun worked together to create a neat effect on this scene.  Hard to believe it's been 2 years since we were there.  I'm missing it right now....might have to post more images from that trip soon.

Next week's "mission" question:  I need to master the focus modes on my camera and figure out why I'm not always getting the focus on the right spot in my images.  This has been bugging me for a long time and I'm gonna figure it out once and for all!

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