Sunday, July 10, 2011

American Honey

Meet Alli and Kiley.  They were all about it when I asked them to model for me and I'm so glad they did 'cause I'm in LOVE with these images.  For starters, they're just as cute as can be and they were up for trying just about anything.  Including some stunts that made me pretty nervous.  We had a great time - they didn't want to quit and neither did I but we eventually ran out of daylight.  So many favorites from this session...

 And this is what you get when you ask 2 giggle-prone BFF's to look at each other. :)

 They practiced their model faces in the car.  I'd say they got it down, wouldn't you?

 Doesn't this just take you back to a time when you spent the whole summer hanging out with your best bud?
 Love it! Thanks girls - it was great fun!

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