Sunday, July 24, 2011

I found U at IU

Kim and Dan found each other at IU in Bloomingon.  Between the 2 of them they've had several places they called home, including Greentown, Indianapolis, Boston, and Philadelphia.  But really, home for each of them is wherever the other is.  They just fit together like that. 
Kim & Dan, you are a couple of genuinely nice people and I'm so grateful you chose me to document this part of your story together.  Congratulations on your engagement! Can't wait for the wedding!

 This is what I mean - he adores her and she is at home in his arms.

Kim, you're so pretty.  You're going to make a beautiful bride.

These are favorites.

Another favorite on the left!  They rocked it out in spite of the sweltering heat.  I'm so glad we took the time for this last shot!

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Mary Marantz said...

beautiful couple!!