Friday, October 19, 2012

Meet Cody - Class of 2013

Most of my senior sessions have been with girls, but all of a sudden I have 2 guys in a row..and guess what?  Their sessions are really fun!  And Cody is not just any senior guy - like Drew, I've kind of seen him grow up.  Actually, I started working with Cody's mom when she was expecting him. Wow! 
Sorry Cody...sidetracked...but I can't believe you're graduating! 
Seriously though, we had a great time during Cody's senior session.  He was very patient and humored me while I tried some new ideas out.

Cody wears an armband honoring his mom, who is a breast cancer survivor.  Very sweet, Cody.

As you can see, Cody is serious about his sports...and very good at what he does!

AND THEN we lucked into this setting with some amazing old cars!  (Thanks to my super-nice neighbors to be)

 And because we were still having fun when the moon came up (true story), we got some cool nighttime shots.
Cody, thank you - a) for letting me take your senior photos, b) for your patience, and c) for just being the sweet guy that you are.  Wishng you much success and happiness in what I'm sure will be a very bright future.

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