Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Goal post

In honor of the Super Bowl (taking place right here in Indiana!), I thought I'd do a goal post.  Goalpost...get it?  I know, I'm a dork.
But seriously, it has apparently been proven that when people write down their goals, there is a much higher probability they will get done.  And since it's already February (wow, where does the time go?) I'd better get movin'!
So...I have some personal goals:
1. Make a difference in the lives of people who are struggling.  One giant step toward this is a mission trip I'm planning to Nicaragua this summer.
2.  Be more "regular" with bible study and prayer.
3.  Complete some house decorating projects (kitchen and office).
4.  Exercise regularly and lose weight.
5.  Start designing a family tree/ancestor album.

And some photography business goals:
1.  Design or hire designer for website.
2.  Attend photograhy workshop(s) (Justin and Mary Marantz' workshop is coming up soon!!).
3.  Blog more regularly (once or twice a week).
4.  Get more familiar with off-camera lighting.
5.  Get Lightroom and improve workflow / editing process.
6.  Try a new album company.
7.  Take AMAZING photos at my scheduled wedding(s) so my couples LOVE LOVE LOVE their images.
8.  Develop my senior portait business - do a styled shoot, collaborating with hair & makeup professional.

Wish me luck!
Oh, and since getting organized surely helps you accomplish your goals, I got a new bag to help me organize my gear.  It holds a lot of stuff and has wheels!

and wait until you see this cool feature...
When you're done wheeling it around, the inside zips out and BAM, it's a backpack!

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