Monday, February 20, 2012

Pure Chocolate

"Man cannot live on chocolate alone…but women can!" That was our motto last weekend at “Pure Chocolate” – a women’s event held at Redeemer Lutheran Church. If that quote held true, I believe we could have survived for weeks on the goodies that were available! Oh my goodness, I have never seen so much chocolate in one place!

Besides enjoying all the chocolate, it was an occasion to celebrate the special relationships we have with the women in our lives, and to thank God for all the blessings we receive through them.

The event was put together fantastically by my good friend, Cindy Sewell, and her very talented team of helpers. Because it was all decorated and laid out so beautifully, photographing it was a real "TREAT"!

I hope you enjoy the goodness, but I need to warn you: it’s possible you could gain a few pounds just by looking at the pictures!

Cindy and her team put SO much time and effort into making the day special.


Yes, this was my plate - don't judge.  I had to get a variety of goodies for the sake of the photograph.  And then, well you know, my mom always taught me to clean my plate. 

Jane was responsible for most of the adorable paper crafted decorations and other pretty things.

Ashley did a super job with the children’s message. And get a load of that little girl’s hairdo! I wanted to get a close-up shot, but she was bashful. So cute.

Our special guest of honor - the lovely Katie Stam, Miss America 2009 – was an inspirational speaker and a beautiful singer!

Thank you again, Cindy & team, for all your hard work!  It was a very fun afternoon.


Debby Durr said...

These pictures are wonderful! Thank you for sharing them! It reminded me of the wonderful time I had Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Susan, Awesome pictures! Thank you for documenting our event so beautifully :) Cindy

Anonymous said...

What a blessing this event must have been to all those who attended. Everything looks so lovely. Cindy, thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with me.

Serving Christ with you,
Edie Norris
LWML Public Relations Director